elfadmin (elfadmin) wrote,

Программисткие интервью

"The worst interview question i ever got was while interviewing for an all linux shop doing computational computing for scientific research. The panel or 8 interviewers the main guy asked "So Emacs or Vi?" ... Either way you are losing points..."

Here is a discussion..
"Yes". - this answer is just brilliant!!!!

"I ask that question during interviews because the response tells a lot:
"huh?" = Not very familiar with the environment
immediate 1-word response = familiar with the environment
"well I've used (vi or emacs) routinely for 27 years while working at..." = doesn't touch a computer outside of work.
the name of some derivative = familiar with the environment for reasons other than ancient history."

"I always ask what their favorite editor is. Had a lad 9 months ago who said "vi", so I called him a pervert and recommended him for the job"
"I countered "Firefox, Safari, or Opera?" with "Lynx" and got the job. "
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